Practice Areas

  • Driving Offences
    Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, Criminal Negligence Causing
  • Assault
    Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault, Assault With A Weapon
  • Homicides
    Murder, Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence Causing
  • Sexual Offences
    Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference, Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Internet And Computer Based Offences
    Child Pornography, Luring, Mischief/Hacking
  • Drug Offences
    Possession, Possession For The Purposes, Trafficking
A man standing in a downtown Edmonton parking structure
  • Firearms And Weapons Offences
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Financial Crimes
    Theft, Fraud, Identity Theft, White Collar Crime, Money Laundering
  • Appeals
    Conviction And Sentence Appeals
  • Licence Suspension Appeals
  • Record Suspension (Pardons)
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