Frequently Asked Questions

How much does will it cost to meet?

We offer a free initial consultation. All matters in criminal court are billed on a flat fee basis that is determined and agreed upon in advance. Fees are determined based on the complexity of the case, expected time commitment, seriousness of the charge(s), location of the court and ability of the client to pay. The fee arrangement is reduced to writing and put in a retainer agreement that is in plain English. The nature of the lawyer/client relationship is detailed in written form in a terms of service agreement.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can transfer and receipt funds in every conceivable method – including electronic funds transfer.

Will you attend my bail hearing?

Yes, we will attend your initial bail hearing before a justice of the peace or a provincial court judge, as well as bail reviews in Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta – including section 525 (90+ day) reviews. We can travel to any court location in Alberta and western Canada.

How do I know what’s going on with my file?

We provide regular reporting of the progress of the matter. The firm policy is to return phone messages or missed phone calls promptly. We will conduct institutional visits as required, and offer weekend appointments as needed. We have a team approach to the defence of your charges.

What other services do you provide?

We can supply expert witnesses in defence of your charges. We also provide referrals to experts where counselling may be appropriate. Obtaining translators where necessary to assist in client and witness interviews. We will also provide referrals to other law firms or lawyers as appropriate for matters that are outside our firm ambit.

What happens at the end of my matter?

We provide our clients with a comprehensive reporting letter at the conclusion of the file identifying the outcome and future options.